Welcome to All You Need Is The Beatles!

Hi, and welcome to my blog, All You Need Is The Beatles! Excuse my lame pun, by the way – I am the queen of Beatles-related wordplay! I am a girl, who, atypically for my age, is an obsessive Beatlemaniac (just ask my family and friends), a prolific writer and a musician, who has been wanting to set up a blog for over a year. All You Need Is The Beatles is going to be majorly about John, Paul, George and Ringo, but I will dedicate a little time to publishing some of my own poems/stories/songs and other random things that come to mind. But anyway, hope you enjoy my blog, and LONG LIVE THE BEATLES! My Beatle-y favourites are listed below:

Favourite Beatle: John Winston Lennon, MBE (later John Ono Lennon)

Favourite Beatle Album: Revolver (1966) – followed by Help! (1965) and Beatles For Sale (1964)

Favourite Beatle Song: Never ask a Beatlemaniac that question, unless you want to be stuck listening to him/her reciting The Beatles’ entire discography for the rest of your life. NEVER.

Favourite Beatle Film: Help!, though the gorgeous A Hard Day’s Night is currently fighting with the former for first place!

Favourite Solo Beatle Album: Imagine (1971) by John Lennon

Favourite Solo Beatle Song: ‘Jealous Guy’ (Imagine, 1971) by John Lennon – followed by ‘Oh My Love’ (also Imagine), ‘Hold On’ (John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band) and ‘Oh! Yoko’ (Imagine, again!). As for the other Beatles’ solo careers, ‘What Is Life’ by George Harrison (All Things Must Pass, 1970) would also make this list!

Favourite Beatle Period: 1964-1966, though I’ve been getting into The Fabs’ later material, recently.

So, as I said before, enjoy my blog, and enjoy the below picture from the Beatles For Sale photoshoot in ’64; bye for now!


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