My “Magical Mystery Tour” To Melbourne

Hi all,

Today, we are coming back to Adelaide (I am currently writing this in the QANTAS lounge!), from Melbourne.

I had a fantastic time at the Beatles In Australia exhibit, but it was slightly different to it’s Sydney equivalent. I was disappointed to see that John’s suit had not made an appearance (it must have been sent back to the V&A, where it is kept), and that the gift shop was fairly limited (I did, however, purchase an Anthology 2 disc!) but it was still fabulous! It’s quite ironic, really, that John, Paul, George and Ringo can still create the same euphoria that they did all those years ago, isn’t it? Look out, future children/godchildren/nieces/nephews – prepared to be brainwashed with the Fab Four! Sadly, photography was prohibited within the exhibition (probably because of Apple Corps.’ strict copyright laws), but here is the link to the accompanying website, plus a sneaky shot of me out the front!

Posing as the Fifth Beatle at the entrance to the exhibition - note t-shirt with incredibly-attractive picture of John and Paul!
Posing as the Fifth Beatle at the entrance to the exhibition – note t-shirt with incredibly-attractive picture of John and Paul!

The exhibition (in Melbourne) included sights such as a drumhead signed by Ringo, a block of stone from the urinal at The Cavern, a jukebox stacked with all the singles released by The Fabs before June ’64 (when they came), a projection of ‘The Beatles Sing For Shell’ (a TV broadcast of one of their Melbourne concerts from ’64) and one of John’s famous Lennon caps that he had actually worn (!). If you’re in Melbourne before July 1st, go and check it out – it’s a must-see for every Beatlemaniac!

Despite the fact Beatles merchandise within the exhibition was limited, I managed to find a stall in the Queen Victoria Markets which was selling band t-shirts – I found one with an incredibly-attractive picture of John and Paul repeated film-style over a black background. I also found an official Beatles postcard in a vintage clothing shop (in which I also bought a gorgeous 1960s orange shift-dress, that fits perfectly!). My latest editions to my collection of Beatle-y things are pictured below.

Left to right: ‘Anthology 2’ CD, exhibition pamphlet, John and Paul tee and Beatles postcard.

When The Beatles Drove Us Wild is on tonight (as you probably already know) – apparently, it scans everything from the concerts to their effect on society, from the famous campaign to bring them to Adelaide (thanks, Bob Francis!) to groupies, and according to The Advertiser, John says something “that will pierce your heart” at the end (what are you going to say, Johnny?). Make sure you tune in!

Also, it’s my Dad’s birthday (da da da da da da, da da) today – if you’re reading this, Dad, happy birthday; hope you  had a great day!

So anyway, have a great rest of your Tuesday (I’m missing a day of school – how fun!), and enjoy my Beatles picture of the week! Bye for now.

Isn't this just so darn cute?!
Isn’t this just so darn cute?!