The Poll On The Hill


Wouldn't this be just fab to have on your wall? Sadly, I do not own one as of yet.

Wouldn’t this be just fab to have on your wall? Sadly, I do not own one as of yet.


Excuse my incredibly lame pun – I think it’s the worst I’ve come up with yet (you’re trying too hard, tangerinetrees99!)! This blogging session’s album is Magical Mystery Tour, and the title track is just finishing – as all Beatlemaniacs know, ‘The Fool On The Hill’ is the second track (it just started), and I’ve already done a ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ pun, so guess what I’m punning on this time?!

But anyway – as one would think – I’m going to post a poll. I’m also going to assume that your computer/phone/tablet/MP3 player/whatever internet-enabled device you’re reading this on doesn’t also take form as a hill, so it will not be a ‘poll on the hill’. As you’ve probably guessed, I have a tendency to go off on tangents, so I will post the poll before this turns into the word-count of the millennium (yay – ‘Blue Jay Way’ just came on!).



I love hearing who people’s favourite Beatles are – you can find out a lot about that person from their answer. I’d also love to see who’s the most popular Beatle out of everyone who can withstand my lame puns, thus reads this blog, so please vote! As you will have probably gathered from my ‘Welcome’ post (and my ‘When The Beatles Drove Us Wild’ review), my favourite Beatle is John/John Winston Lennon/John Ono Lennon/Dr Winston O’Boogie/Johnny, whose song ‘I Am The Walrus’ has just come on (and I bet you I’ll be in hysterics in a few seconds!)! Anyway, I’m going to get a tan from the British (Australian??) rain – which was pouring down in thick sheets just a second ago, but has seemingly stopped – with a walrus and the eggmen (more puns)! Good day rain/sunshine 🙂