You Know You’re A Beatlemaniac When…

John wearing 'glasses' for the 'A Hard Day's Night' photoshoot - today marks 50 years since its release!
John wearing ‘glasses’ for the ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ photoshoot – yesterday marked 50 years since its release!

Hi all,

I was splitting up between doing a ‘My Favourite Scenes In A Hard Day’s Night‘ (to mark 50 years since its release, which was the other day), or this post. I’ll do the former one on July 6 (the 50th anniversary since its Liverpool premiere), if I can get access to WiFi, as we are going to Melbourne again for five nights! We will be there for Ringo’s birthday on the 7th, too, so I will bring/buy a t-shirt to wear for him. (On with it, tangerinetrees99 – no more tangents!)

Well, how could I not resist starting a ‘You Know You’re A Beatlemaniac When…’ list?! There are a heap of these around on the internet with an assortment of names, ranging from the one above, to ‘You Know You’re A Hardcore Beatles Fan’, to even ‘101 Ways You Know You’re Too Obsessed With The Beatles’ (but that’s not possible!!)! Well, here’s mine – some of it may be specific to Australia, or Lennon Lovers, or me, etc., etc., but please enjoy! Oh, and the points in italics are the ones that do not apply to me (and trust me, there will not be many of them…)


  • You live in Adelaide, Australia – your favourite thing about which is that your city is credited with giving The Fab Four their biggest reception ever.
  • You think that the following could be the basis of a giant philosophical debate: who was the walrus?
  • You always cry during the duration of anything to do with John Lennon – even if it is unrelated with his death.

Don’t ask – I cried in Nowhere Boy when John found out that Julia died, so that was my basis for this argument.

  • You converted your mother – who was alive in the ’60s – to Beatles fandom.

I know you’re reading this, Mum – I hope you agree with me on this one…

  • Words cannot explain how much you utterly hate Mark David Chapman.

DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON THAT MAN – I’m not even going to mention what he did, as then he’d be getting what he wanted.

  • You prefer the guitar skills of [John/Paul/George – choose one] to those of [Jimi Hendrix/Carlos Santana/Eric Clapton/some other rock god – choose one].
  • You go to Melbourne to see a Beatles exhibition which you’ve seen before in Sydney.

I’m referring to the ‘Beatles In Australia’ exhibition, in case you’re wondering – yes, and I did see it twice. Sadly, when we go to Melbourne this time, it will be all packed up 😦 .

  • You think John’s ‘Hair For Peace’ look is still attractive.

Well, John was a very attractive man, and he could pull it off well (feel free to disagree…).

  • A little part of you really wants glasses…
  • This reflects you:

You have a fringe that resembles John’s on the below picture (his side-swept look, if you like):

yesterday and today steam trunk

Your dress-sense looks an awful lot like what George is wearing in the below picture:


You have a coat that resembles those below (mine looks most like John’s – in fact, he looks a little like me in that picture, full stop):

This is from the booklet that came with my 'A Hard Day's Night' CD.
This is from the booklet that came with my ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ CD.

So yeah, The Beatles (and the ’60s in general) have a large influence on my fashion sense.

  • You disliked ‘Backbeat’, as you felt it was a) portraying John as a nasty idiot, and b) historically incorrect.
  • Your favourite Winter sport is curling, because of a certain fiendish thingy…
  • A tiny part of you thought that John really did go down the drain in the bath scene in A Hard Day’s Night.
  • That same part of you thought that John was actually in danger in the ‘All You Need Is Love’ sequence in Yellow Submarine.

Really, tangerinetrees99? Really? Where did that famous logic go (Help! reference)?

  • You are fairly sure that 99 % of the pocket money you have received this year has been splashed on something related to The Beatles.
  • You are certain that you know at least a verse off by heart to every Beatles song in existence.
  • Your guitars are called John Lennon and George Harrison.

My semi-acoustic steel-stringed Sigma model is John, and my smaller Spanish is George. I actually sent John into the guitar shop yesterday to get a new set of strings and a strap pin – they had a Revolver strap for sale, and I’m getting it!!

  • It took you a really, really long time to accept that The Beatles took drugs and had groupies.
  • You thought that ‘LSD’ stood for ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’.

That’s in italics, so it doesn’t apply to me. And Dad –  ‘Lucy’ is not a drug song, end of story!

  • The percentage of Beatle-y images on your iPad/iPod/iPhone/iMac/iWhatever’s camera roll is frighteningly large.
  • You often think, ‘How dare the police even think about letting Mark David Chapman get parole?!’
  • Your dad makes up long-winded conspiracy theories about Paul kidnapping Alvin and the Chipmunks, and the Chipmunks being the real Lennon/McCartney to annoy you.
  • You get really, really, really annoyed with any of the following statements.

“Aren’t they all dead?”

“Who’s John Lemon?” (Someone actually asked me that, the other day – God, were they in for it!)

“[Insert artist/band formed some time after 1964] would still exist without The Beatles!”

“Who are the beetles?”

“Well, that Paul guy is dead, so he doesn’t matter.”

I won’t go on – I’ve heard it all…

  • You always cross zebra crossings Abbey Road style.
  • You have frequent email conversations with your mother that involve you sending her pictures of Paul dressed as a cat (don’t ask…)
  • You have an account on their official website.
  • A large part of your vocabulary is made up of Beatles lyrics/quotes/words/song titles/etc./etc.
  • Your major goal for the next few years is to purchase all of The Beatles’ studio albums on first-edition original vinyl.

I collect Beatles LPs/EPs/singles – I’ll do a post on them at some point.

  • You scream like, well, a Beatlemaniac when they’re mentioned on TV/in class (I got a lot of odd looks)/on the radio/in the top 100 (that was the best!)/other random public places.
  • Your dream holiday would be a tour of Liverpool, London, Hamburg and New York. Ahh – wouldn’t that be nice?
  • Y0u have a large number of Beatles posters plastered all over your room.
  • You consider getting a Let It Be bootleg, as you feel it is important to own every single Beatle film.

I haven’t actually seen LIB, but you can watch the entire thing on Vimeo, so I will do so sometime in the next three weeks.

  • You dream about The Beatles each night.
  • Someone says they like The Beatles = instant respect from you.
  • Your dream car is a psychedelically-painted Mini (like George’s), considering you can’t afford a Rolls Royce.

I can’t actually drive, nor do I plan on learning (even when I am 16) anytime soon. I do like the idea of a Mini, though.

  • You really, really want to call your family’s next dog Martha.
  • Your accent is slightly quite British, ’cause you’ve been listening to those Fabs too much!
  • You know lots of really obscure facts about each Beatle that could probably get you classified as a stalker.
  • In Home Economics, you try making a mini batwing coat like the one John wore in Help!

My attempt at this, however, was a complete and utter disaster.

  • You have a reputation as ‘that Beatles person’ basically everywhere.
  • You dream about having your friends around for a Beatles-themed sleepover. Reality dawns on you, though, when you realise that the majority of your friends would straight-out refuse to do anything Beatles-related at all.
  • You have a special page in your Maths book filled with Beatles-related doodles.
  • The first song you ever played on guitar was a Beatles song.

Mine was ‘All Together Now’ – it only has three chords, and it is really simple.

  • A small part of you enjoys reading cheesy Beatles fan-fictions.
  • You have in-depth ‘conversations’ with your Beatles posters.
  • All of your internet tabs are, somehow, Beatles-related.
  • You often make A Hard Day’s Night-themed jokes, the likes of which nobody gets.
  • Most of your schoolwork is Beatles-related.
  • You kind-of believe John’s ‘Jesus’ comment.
  • You often get into deep conversations over the band with questions with people over forty years older than you (and you don’t mind…).
  • You really want to put ‘Beatlemaniac’ as your religion on the next census.
  • Two words: lame puns…

Well, I should probably leave some ideas for Part Two, so I’ll leave off there. A lot of this is silly enjoyment on my part that makes fun at myself, so please don’t take it too seriously and think, “God – isn’t she a weirdo?” (even though I kind of am… 🙂 ). But anyway, have a lovely rest of your day, and good day sunshine 🙂