Words Are Flowing Out: My Favourite Beatles Quotes

How cool is this?! The original sketch for the cover of 'Revolver' (my favourite Beatles album).

How cool is this?! The original sketch for the cover of ‘Revolver’ (my favourite Beatles album).

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Apologies for not posting yesterday. I had a very good reason not to, though, which you will read about further down. But now I thought I would compile a list of my favourite Beatles quotes. Of course we all know that The Beatles always had something inspiring/witty/sad/mesmerising to say, and that we all will probably end up using at least one quote from each interview each of them gave. But I’ve realised that even more whilst researching for this post. The Beatles were very clever with words (as is — obviously — evident in their songs), and this translates to their interviews, as well. So here are some of my personal highlights — enjoy!

“Creativity is a gift. It doesn’t come through if the air is cluttered.”

– John Lennon.

“You’ve got as many lives as you like. And more…even ones you don’t want.”

– George Harrison.

“Nothing pleases me more than to go into a room and come out with a piece of music.”

– (Sir James) Paul McCartney (MBE)

“I was an only child, with three amazing brothers.”

– Ringo/Richard Starr/Starkey…

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.”

– John

“The Beatles saved the world the world from boredom.”

– George

“Microphones are just like people — if you shout at them, they get scared.”

– Paul

“When I was about twelve, I used to think I must be a genius but nobody’s noticed.”

– John

“I’d like to think that all the old Beatle fans have grown up and they’ve gotten married and they’ve all got kids and they’re all more responsible, but they still have a space in their hearts for us.”

– George

“The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

– Paul (or should that be Faul? I should do a post on PiD at some point…)

“Everything government touches turns to crap.”

– Ringo

“Trying to please everybody is impossible. If you did that, you’d end up in the middle with nobody liking you.”

–  John

“It’s nothing to do with how many years old you are, or how big your body is. It’s down to what your greater consciousness is, and if you can live in harmony with what’s going on in creation.”

– George

“I don’t work at being ordinary.”

– Paul

“I’ve never really done anything to create what happened. It creates itself.”

– Ringo

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.”

– John

“I’d rather be a musician than a rock star.”

– George

” My grandkids always beat me at Rock Band. And I say, Listen, you may beat me at Rock Band, but I made the original records, so shut up.”

– Paul

“My role in society, or any artist’s or poet’s role, is to try and express what we all feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, not as a leader, but as a reflection of us all.”

– John

“It is better to be an outspoken atheist than a hypocrite.”


“Sadness isn’t sadness. It’s happiness in a black jacket. Tears are not tears. They’re balls of laughter dipped in salt. Death is not death. It’s life that’s jumped off a tall cliff.”

– Paul

“I like Beethoven — especially the poems.”

– Ringo

And there we go! Beatles quotes in a nutshell (bringing back that ol’ joke, is tangerinetrees!)… If you know of any other Beatles quotes that you absolutely love, feel free to put them in the Comments below!

And as for my exciting happening on the weekend…I saw A Hard Day’s Night on the big screen! And it was nothing short of absolutely, completely and utterly amazing! Don’t think I stopped smiling for the entire duration of the film 🙂 … I noticed a lot of stuff that I hadn’t noticed before (and I’ve watched it about ten times), and though I’ve watched it before in HD, nothing beats seeing a film on a big screen. Especially AHDN. The audience was full of laughter (though I must have been the annoying audience member that cracked up every two minutes — I started laughing just before John cuts the tape measure and goes, ‘I now declare this bridge open,’ for example…), and we all clapped and screamed at the end. But, wow, it was amazing. And to think that I thought just a few months ago (see June and July archives) that I’d never see it on the big screen… I guess I’ll just need to hope for a cinema release of Help! and Yellow Submarine in 2015 and 2018 (respectively)… 😉

And that’s my post for this week! Stay tuned for something (I’ve got a few ideas that I need to decide on) this weekend, and a profile on perhaps my most valuable LP in ‘My Beatles Record Collection’ for the next. But until then, good day sunshine 🙂


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