A couple of poems for y’all…

Hey Bulldog/Jude/all who care to read this,

Today is an absolutely BEE-YOO-TIFUL day in Adelaide! It is 25 degrees – 25! I can’t remember the last time it was warm… Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m fully aware that Adelaide weather gets to just under double that in Summer (I believe the highest temperature last Summer was something ridiculous like 48 – except we were in Singapore at the time…), but 25 is enjoyably warm, so I can truly sing ‘Here Comes The Sun’ (perhaps George is looking down!)!

Now onto something OTHER than the small-talk-ish topic of weather… I haven’t posted a poem in donkeys’ years, have I? (Nor have I listened to my favourite Beatles solo album, Imagine, in a while, either, so I’m currently doing that, too. ‘Jealous Guy’ – my fave John solo song – is currently playing.) I had two poems in the vault (oh, tangerinetrees99 – BE DONE WITH THE CLICHES!), and I really could not decide between the two as to which I should post – and that is why there will be two poems today!

The first is called ‘the café’, and I wrote it this morning after coming back from my guitar lesson and brunch in town. Really, it is about my experience in the café (which – I might add – I’ve been to a-million times before, but had some kind of non-religious epiphany today) this morning: sitting in the sun, reading a beatnik anthology magazine, sipping iced tea, eating a croissant, y’know – all that stuff. I really like this poem, and I am proud to proclaim it is the first good remotely happy poem I’ve ever written (my teacher last year forced me to write one, but it was rubbish)! Usually, my poetry is very sad and dark and depressing, ‘cos I write when I’m sad (among other things), but sitting in the sun/café this morning (and possibly reading that magazine – The Canary Press, it was called) was kind of like a muse, and I knew I just had to write about it. And just a note about the formatting – yes, I do know about correct grammar, and that you do have to capitalise the start of sentences, and in poetry, you generally start new lines as, well, new lines. I just thought I’d break the rules – and put the poem in ‘align right’ – and I’m pleased I did! So, well, here it is – enjoy!

the café.

by tangerinetrees99, 30.08.2014

sitting at a table, the
heat-tinged sun beating down. nibbling
at a toasted croissant, dusted
with olive oil. sipping
a jam jar of iced tea, the
ice seeping through the glass. folky
blues playing in the background. humming
‘here comes the sun’, an
apt name for this saturday. chatter,
chatter, chatter. little
girls dancing to lilting twelve-bars. smartphones
ringing. bohemians
drifting through,
their skirts trailing slightly behind. dropping
out from all the noise. reading
a year-old issue of the canary press,
the pages amber through tortoiseshell imitation ray-bans. curly
hair darting about in the wind,
the ties on the nineteen-sixties shift-dress flitting ahead. thinking
about the story in front of my blue eyes, pondering
what to do. but
suddenly i recall something, an
old friend who has seemingly come back to play:

And now for Poem #2… ‘I Don’t Get This Debate’. At school at the moment, we are studying poetry in English! Fairly early on this term, we spent a little time looking at thematic poetry – the theme being ‘Kids vs. Adults’. We spent the lesson studying a couple of poems, plus ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up’ – the latter involved listening to Tom Waits and The Ramones (separately). We were then going to write our own poem a bit like the above, but that all fell through. But I – however – had a fabulous idea for mine, and wrote it down directly after that lesson about a month ago! I really didn’t get the debate, so I exaggerated my life a bit (just the slightest bit. Sarcasm may or may not be intended.) and wrote a poem called, well, ‘I Don’t Get This Debate’. Hope it makes you laugh, ‘cos it’s meant to be funny! I’ve already showed it to my school’s writer-in-residence – who thought it was funny, and loved it – my mum – who also loved it (thanks!) – and a few friends – ditto (again, thanks!), but apart from them, you are all the first to see it (you were certainly the first to read ‘the café’). So – like the above – enjoy this funny, cheeky, and a little bit naughty (if I say so myself 🙂 ) poem!

I Don’t Get This Debate

Really? Kids versus adults?
I absolutely do not get this debate.
Yeah, I get that you all think adulter adulthood is all
Bills, bills, bills; ‘Honey, did you get dinner?’; loans, loans, loans; ‘No, I didn’t – you told me to get breakfast.’; think, think, think; ‘Oh my God – how could you?!’; blah, blah, blah. Oh, and you have to be – gasp – mature!
(That may or may not be sarcasm.)
And you all must think that those tower-toppering tall-as-a-tower shouting-hotspots known as adults think that you’re all
Procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate; ‘Barbie, what dress do want to wear to your wedding with Ken?’; tantrums, tantrums, tantrums; ‘What – you’ve broken up with Ken?’; chasey, hide-and-seek, NOT MORE IRRITATING GAMES; *sobbing*; blah, blah, blah.
(Well, you must have something in common with your elders, if ‘blah, blah, blah’ is an item on both lists…)
But – onto the point – what on flipping Earth is all the commotion about? Why does this debate even exist?
I mean…this could just be me, but:
I’m allowed to stay up almost as late as the parentals.
(Sup, dude – I don’t have parents, I have parentals.)
And I’m kind of allowed to swear.
(Why the  f  Hell aren’t you?)
And I’m allowed to watch some as many “adult” TV shows and films as I like.
This is why my favourite films are rated M XXX.
And I can sometimes play my music as loud as I like, and the parentals aren’t bothered.
Oh, and I listen to music on vinyl, too.
Which makes me seem as old as the parentals, too.
(They’re never bothered – I know, ‘cos they never tell me to turn it down. See below for PROOF!
*Revolver playing really loudly*
“Turn that down! Are you trying to get freaking Tony Abbot to hear ‘Taxman’, or something?” – that’s Mum.
“No. I just like it loud.” – me.
*Exasperated sigh from parental.*
See? SEE?)
And the parentals trust me so much, they don’t even bother giving me internet-related restrictions.
Want proof?
I’ve been sitting here, all day, writing this poem (and checking my faux Facebook account, and posting on my faux Instagram account, and Skyping a blackmail note to my Dad using my fake Skype account…), and I haven’t yet been told to get off! Not even once. But – if I say so myself – I’ve got a really good reason to b-
Bloody hell.
Sigh. I get this debate.

Hope you have a gear rest of your day, wherever you are Across The Universe, and if you’re Adelaidean, be sure to enjoy this luv-err-ly weather! Good day sunshine (literally!) 🙂


‘Through The Looking Glass’


The 'cover' of my 'debut single' (okay, not really my debut single...) - drawn/designed by moi!

The ‘cover’ of my ‘debut single’ (okay, not really my debut single…) – drawn/designed by moi! Was going to upload it today, but WordPress won’t let me… Oh, and Sadie Rigby is my proposed stage-name (my real name being too susceptible to mispronunciations) – guess which two Beatles tunes I drew inspiration from!


Well – I thought it was about time I published another poem! This one is called ‘Through The Looking Glass’, and is about – you guessed it – the Lewis Carroll classic, Alice Through The Looking Glass. I wrote this one for the ‘Art and Poetry’ division of a “academic gala day” called the da Vinci Decathlon. It involves ten divisions (hence the event name), including engineering, maths (or ‘mathematics’), English, philosophy, science, code-breaking, cartography, acting, general knowledge and – obviously – art and poetry (don’t ask me why poetry wasn’t in English…). I wasn’t involved in the science/maths-related tasks (much stronger in more creative/wordy/arty/musical subjects…), but I helped out with English, philosophy, acting, general knowledge and – again, obviously – art and poetry. In the general knowledge division, one of the questions was ‘Name the Beatles album about a tour’ (Magical Mystery Tour – and it’s not even a proper studio album (it was only released in the US at first), as I pointed out on the bus trip back to school, that day), to my delight! But – back on topic – I wrote the poem for the art and poetry bit (the theme of which was ‘Through The Looking Glass’) to order, so I feel know I can do better, but I’m quite proud of it (if I say so myself!). Oh, and my school won the Art and Poetry, and came third overall! I quoted ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ for a couple of lines, so see if you can spot what parts I am referring to. Here it is:


Through The Looking Glass

Hair the colour of freshly-fallen snow,

A dress of sapphire-blue sky;

The ‘angel’ trips and slips through the glass –

‘Agh,’ she screams as she plummets down,

through blatantly-beastly black.

Our ‘angel’ awakes amongst chaos and magic –

‘ROAR,’ yells the lion, ‘splat’ cracks the egg.

Marmalade trees, kaleidoscope eyes,

Newspaper taxis, marshmallow pies.

A cloud of ruby-coloured royalty sashays through the land;

A tart in her palm, a dagger in her sleeve.

In a midst of fury, she thrusts it at the picturesque young girl;

‘Help!’ she cries as she draws her last breath.

The glass that was the entry to this world, shattered by murder.

The angel’s once-blue dress now stained with the colour of fire.


So there you go – a poem that is about two months old and quite obviously written to order, but I don’t mind it at all (otherwise it wouldn’t be up here!). Now, I was going to post my cover of ‘Norwegian Wood’, but it looks like WordPress want me to purchase a ‘Space Upgrade’ to enable me to post M4a files. Well, WordPress – I’ll get you back, some day! Back on topic, though – hope you enjoyed my poem, and good day sunshine! 🙂




In Front Of The Viewfinder

Hi all,

Thought I’d post something a little different, today – I decided I would publish one of my poems! I have been published before, in both an online newspaper and in a poetry competition anthology (1, 2 or 3?!), but this particular one has never been seen in public. It is named ‘In Front Of The Viewfinder’ (hence the title of this post), and I wrote it for an in-school poetry competition; to my delight, it won my division! I won’t post what I wrote it about – I’d love to see what you think of it, regardless of what I thought – but I might put a synopsis at the end, if you like. I’ll quit babbling on about it – here is my poem.



You hold your black camera up to your crystal-blue eye – in front of you is a fiery-orange maple-tree.
SNAP! You capture the picturesque piece of Autumn.

You step across the dewey, green grass – beads of water form on your black, leather boots. You bend down to photograph the need-of-cutting, wet lawn.
SNAP! You capture the dew-topped strips of green, in their early-morning, middle-of-the-year prime.

You cross the miniature field, and peer at a quince shrub, adorned with sugary-pink and holly-berry-red blossoms. You press the shutter-button.
SNAP! The sweet-looking flowers, erected on flimsy branches, are recorded forever, on a piece of film.

You walk across sandy-coloured pavers, to the other side of your garden. You glance at the terracotta pots in front of you. They stand against a worn, deteriorating brush fence. The pots, once filled with succulents and strawberry plants, are brimming with weeds and long-dead twigs. The heels on your boots pivot, you turn away. But you think: beauty is much more than what is in front of the viewfinder. You kneel down, in front of a sun-baked cactus.
SNAP! That’ll show the hypocrites, you think.


Well, there you go – as you will have probably gathered, it is about hypocrisy and beauty. The theme for the competion was, admittedly, ‘beauty’, so it was ever-so-slightly ‘written to order’, but it does reflect my views. Why should we reduce people to their beauty? Why should people be able to think that looks are all that matters? I actually wrote this poem in between classes – I was incredibly bored at school, and had plenty of time in between each period. But anyway,  I hope you liked it, and have a fab day! Good day sunshine 🙂