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Hey (Jude/Bulldog) all,

It has been really cold in Adelaide of late (as in three shirts plus thick coat and woolly cardigan, two pairs of socks and a pair of fleecy stockings under your pants, yet somehow you’re still frozen kind of cold) – if you’re reading this in the Northern (Song??) Hemisphere, I’m envious; I like Winter more than Summer, though, ’cause in Adelaide, most of Summer is spent sweltering inside your boiling-hot house whilst outside, the amount of degrees amount to some ridiculous number above 40. Anyway, our long-cold-lonely Winter temperatures reminded me of the Salisbury Plains scene in Help!, in which The Beatles all seem practically frozen (I know how you feel, John, Paul, George and Ringo)! I posted a clip from such parts of the film below (the song is ‘I Need You’, in case you didn’t know, and it’s a George Harrison composition, for all you Harrison-Heads out there).


Anyway, back on topic…Sorry I didn’t post the videos from The Beatle Boys gig yesterday, like I promised I would. My parents were using the laptop/phone (not that I needed the phone) for most of the day, and I was too busy listening to Beatles LPs on our record player (they were Let It Be and Beatles For Sale, in case you’re interested) to be bothered. There’s also another problem – WordPress (the site on which this blog is produced) refuses to let me upload the videos onto this post because ‘the file is too large’. You would probably think this is a good thing and be thanking God there is a limit on the size of files, if you saw how bad my filming skills were that night (I was being a Beatlemaniac, if you know what I mean…), but it is a right pain-in-the-neck for me. Anyway, I managed to find some YouTube clips of the band, which are probably of a better standard, so enjoy! All these songs were performed on the night in the second half with the same outfits/graphics/etc., except ‘Get Back’ (which was also done) obviously wasn’t performed on top of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, and ‘She Loves You’ was in the first half with the imitation Beatles-in-Australia look.


‘Come Together’


‘Get Back’ (their version of the infamous rooftop concert The Beatles performed for unsuspecting – and lucky – bystanders on top of Apple Corps. HQ in January 1969)


‘She Loves You’


‘Hello, Goodbye’




‘I Feel Fine’


‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’ (yes – I successfully touch-typed that with zilch stuff-ups, for once!)


So, enjoy the videos, and hope it gives you a sense of how amazing it was to see The Beatle Boys live. Also, I believe my lovely mother Facebook-ed the band with a link to this very blog, so if a Beatle Boy is reading this, I’d just like to say how much I loved your performance, and how I’d love to go see you again if you come back to SA!

Anyway – if you’re reading this in Adelaide, keep warm, and if you’re reading this in the Northern Hemisphere, enjoy the lovely warm weather that any Australian would assume you have at this time of year. Good day sunshine, for now!


‘When The Beatles Drove Us Wild’ Review

The band in question (or three quarters - note Jimmie Nicol) arriving in my hometown - Adelaide, Australia!

The band in question (or three quarters – note Jimmie Nicol) arriving in my hometown – Adelaide, Australia!

This week is absolutely giant for Aussie Beatlemaniacs – it marks 50 years since The Fab Four landed here, in our little far-fetched corner of the globe! As one would imagine (coincidence – I am currently listening to Imagine!), heaps of celebrations have been circulating around the country, which I discussed in my earlier post ‘Beatle-y News’. Even my school has been celebrating (ever so slightly!) – there was a display of Beatle books in the library foyer today, to my delight! However, as I am sitting here, listening to ‘Jealous Guy’, I thought I’d write about one particular aspect of my country’s festivities; When The Beatles Drove Us Wild, which was screened on ABC1 at 8:30 PM, last night.

You might like to watch the trailer for the documentary – I have posted it below:

Before you go around thinking it was just another middle-of-the-road Beatles doco with a disgustingly-large percentage of time spent discussing groupies/drugs/etc., with most of the interviews being held with the husband of the best friend of the cook of the bus-driver of the chauffer of Brian Epstein’s second cousin (or something), think again. The documentary was made this year, especially for the 50th anniversary of John, Paul, George, Ringo & Jimmie Nicol landing in Australia, and featured everything from never-seen-before archival footage, to interviews with the likes of Bob Francis (a famous South Australian DJ who campaigned for The Beatles to come here – thank God he was successful!), Jenny Kee (an Australian fashion designer who ‘spent a night’ with John) and Glen A. Baker (a music journalist and Beatles aficionado).

After the prologue, opening credits and an insight into what being a teenager in the ’60s meant, the documentary was split into six categories: Sydney (first time around – only a short stop), Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney (second time – proper concerts, now), New Zealand and Brisbane. After this, Australian rockers (such as Jim Keays of Masters Apprentices and Glen Shorrock of Little River Band) discussed how The Beatles changed the music industry; shortly after, the doco wrapped up with John Lennon’s quote that, as The Advertiser promised, pierced my heart, thus made me quite emotional and sent chills down my back (to say the least).

Apart from Bob Francis, Jenny Kee, Jim Keays, Glen A. Baker and Glen Shorrock, the interviewees ranged from a feminist/social scientist to fellow Adelaide fans (these ones, however, were lucky enough to be my age in ’64 – their mothers also booked them a hotel room in the hotel in which The Beatles were staying). Apart from a couple of men, who were carrying on with their free-sex/partying/pill-taking tales (which would have went on – no doubt about that – but would have been exaggerated a bit), each interviewee had a very interesting perspective on The Fabs, which were equally as interesting to listen to. I really enjoyed the documentary, and I think it’s a must-see for every hardcore Beatlemaniac.

And as for closing words that John said at an Adelaide press conference, that pierced my heart? SPOILER ALERT.

(After being asked whether he is aware of possibilities similar to JFK)

“Well, I think you’ve got to be – you might get shot.”

TRAGIC IRONY. Rest in peace, Johnny.

Anyway (on a lighter note), it’s 50 years today since The Beatles landed in Sydney, and 50 tomorrow since they landed here, and received the biggest reception they would ever receive. Be sure to check out the paper, tomorrow (if you live in Adelaide), and listen to Cruise 1323 AM, who are doing a one-hour special, from 7-8pm. I’ll do a special post, too.

Good day sunshine, for now.

Beatle-y News



A picture of some really-cool rare Beatle collectables that my godparents gave me yesterday (thanks!), sitting on our record player.


As most Beatlemaniacs are aware, 2014 is a huge year in the Beatles calendar. Americans have been getting all hyped over their 50-years-since-The-Beatles-invaded-America celebrations, with festivities ranging from a beautiful photo-book called The Beatles: Six Days That Changed The World (I will do a review on it some point) to the now-infamous Grammy special screened on Foxtel back in February (I, ashamedly, have not seen this yet – our household does not have Foxtel, so my lovely godparents recorded it for us, but my stupid BluRay player repeatedly rejects the disc that they put it on). However, those over in the US of A are not the only people celebrating at the moment; here in The Great Southern Land/Terra Australis/Down Under/Australia, we’ve been having a Beatlemania revival, too (yay – for once, the rest of the country is acting like an extremely-understated version of moi!). Since last September, there has been a ‘Beatles In Australia’ exhibition doing the Sydney and Melbourne rounds. I was in Sydney for a weekend back in December, and Mum wanted to see an exhibition at the Powerhouse; to my delight, I discovered that the above exhibition was also being held there, so I’ve already seen it. I am, however, flying up to Melbourne very soon especially to re-view the exhibit, as a three-month-early birthday present – talk about being a Beatlemaniac! If it’s anything like it was in Sydney, there will be everything from original posters that a screaming fan proudly held up at The Fab Four’s Sydney Airport arrival, to John’s original suit from the tour! There was also an extremely large portion of Beatles merchandise for sale in the Powerhouse gift shop at the time – hopefully the Arts Centre have a shop, too! Anyway, if you turn out to be in Melbourne before the 1st of July, check it out – I, for one, really enjoyed it in Sydney (and hope to do so in Victoria, too).

As for things going on back home in South Australia…The two major newspapers here (The Advertiser and The Sunday Mail) have been taking advantage of the 50th anniversary of John, Paul, George and Jimmie Nicol’s (who was the replacement drummer – poor Ringo was stuck in London with tonsillitis) visit to Adelaide – I, in turn, have been fattening my Beatles scrapbook with their twenty-million articles (which I am not complaining about)! Here in Adelaide, we made Beatles history by giving the boys their biggest reception ever – surprising, really, considering how small we are, but (as with before) I’m not complaining; all the former Beatles (except Ringo, of course) have commented on their Adelaide visit, and this makes me very proud to be South Australian. But anyway, check out the Sunday Mail today, and yesterday’s Advertiser (if you still have it) – yesterday, there was a giant four-page spread in the SA Weekend, plus an article on a security guard who got their signatures. Today, in the Mail, there was an article of a woman who met John and Paul in ’64, and got Paul’s signature in 1975 (what a lucky-duck).

As for the TV – about a week ago, there was a half-hour special called Yesterday: The Beatles In Adelaide (thus, I assume, only screened here) on Channel 7, which was based around interviews with DJs/fans who were present, and a lot of archival footage (which was really interesting to look at). Despite the fact the documentary was ten years old, it was really good and I really enjoyed it. However, there’s another television special coming up on Tuesday, 10th of June (a new one!) on ABC1, called When The Beatles Drove Us Wild – apparently, this one is something very special, and unlike the former, it goes for a full  hour, so tune in!

As for other Beatle-y news – most Beatlemaniacs now know that A Hard Day’s Night is finally being re-released! This is good news for us Australians, ’cause it’s been out-of-print here since 2005! I’ve already pre-ordered my BluRay, and you can do the same with the link below (we are the same region as the UK, so the disc is watch-able here):


And while you’re at it, take a look at the brand-new trailer made especially for AHDN’s re-release (if you’re lucky enough to be reading this in the US, you’ll get to see it at your local cinema):



So anyway, have a fab long weekend (I’ve listened to Abbey Road, read my new Beatles books/magazine pictured at the top of the post and posted on here), and enjoy the sunny day that has somehow found itself in the middle of Adelaide’s – to quote George Harrison – “long, cold, lonely Winter” (and trust me  – Adelaide Winters are freezing). Good day sunshine, for now!